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Discover Independence

Independent financial advisors have more opportunities to chart their own course because they enjoy the freedom to run their business in the way that they feel best serves them and their clients. Being independent means you enjoy the autonomy to offer your clients the most suitable options to help them achieve their financial goals without being constrained by cookie-cutter products or corporate agendas, and it’s this independent and objective approach that builds trust in a client relationship.

Now Is the Time to Become Independent

If you have considered taking this step that will give you the freedom to run your financial services business the way you choose, there has never been a better time to be an independent, unbiased financial advisor. They want an advisor who is willing to get to know them and their financial goals, and has the option to select the most suitable products for their specific situations.

When many successful financial advisors look at their own books of business, they realize that a large percentage of their clients are business owners themselves – individuals who know what it means to build a business and will likely support you in becoming independent. They realize the freedom that business ownership provides.

Being independent means you keep a much larger percentage of your commissions, and you can decide how your practice is run. You can select your own staff, choose your office location and set-up, and come and go as you please without the restrictions of corporate agendas. If you are ready to become independent, we’re the perfect partner for you.

Our comprehensive open-architecture platform comprises the best capabilities a private investment team needs to be independent. By applying our core principle of objectivity without compromise, investment advisors in the BCG Securities network can act as true fiduciaries to their clients.

Independent investment advisors can access our entire platform or choose individual pieces that improve their ability to serve their clients while taking advantage of the cost efficiency that our scale provides.

For advisors who are ready to build their own independent business, the BCGS platform is designed so you can be in business immediately. You will have instant access to the tools and resources you and your clients need, without the time and expense of sourcing and negotiating contracts with the multiple technology, custody, research, and product access providers on your own. Experience true independence at BCG Securities.

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