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Welcome to BCG Securities.

BCG Securities, an independent broker-dealer and Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”), has been dedicated to its clients for over 50 years. With financial professionals in branches located throughout the United States, BCG Securities is a recognized broker-dealer and RIA. We supply our advisor partners with knowledge and opportunities to collaborate with clients to meet their goals and succeed. We offer a suite of differentiated products, integrated wealth management solutions and access to subject matter experts that will take you—or your business—to new heights.

At BCG Securities, the game plan is simple: we’re here to help you grow. Our solutions to can be used to meet your specific situation, needs and goals at any point in your financial journey. We offer a suite of differentiated products, integrated wealth management solutions, and access to subject matter experts. We build diversity into our business to meet our clients’ needs for flexibility and long-term growth.

Our resources and expertise rival big firms, but our service remains boutique-level.

Why choose BCG Securities?

  • Custom designed wealth management solutions for your specific needs
  • Innovative resources available in real-time
  • Accessible wealth management experts