BCGS Newsletter 7/2013

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June Market Commentary

As May saw spring slowly roll into summer, bond markets were sent into a tailspin by strong consumer confidence reports and real estate price data. Stocks managed to do better than bonds, but were still a little off as Germany and the rest of Europe decided to ease up on some of their austerity measures…

The Importance of Saving for Women

Women face a different set of financial-planning challenges than men because they tend to live longer, earn less, and take more breaks from the work force. Women may also experience more difficulties if they are widowed or divorced. The good news is that women tend to save more. According to Vanguard’s “How America Saves 2012” report, women saved at rates about 5% to 10% higher than those of men across every income group. However, even though their savings rates were higher, women’s balances in savings accounts tended to be lower than those of men because women, on average, had lower incomes…

Making Up for Retirement Shortfalls

Given the backdrop of economic uncertainty and the rise in both life expectancy and medical costs, prospects look difficult for those facing retirement shortfalls. Fortunately, a financial advisor can show you how pulling these key levers can help your retirement nest egg last.

Work Longer: Working longer is one of the easier solutions for those facing retirement shortfalls, allowing you to contribute to your savings for a few more years…

Download Full Version here: BCG Securities Newsletter July 2013

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