BCGS Newsletter 6/2013

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May Market Commentary

Economic data, corporate earnings, and corporate forecasts continued to be a mixed bag even as the S&P 500 rallied past 1,600 in April. Markets reacted favorably when central banks made announcements to address some of the market weaknesses (European bankers reduced their target interest rate and the Fed affirmed that it had no plans to reduce its interventions in the near future). Markets did crash on April 23 in a matter of minutes, albeit briefly and temporarily, when the AP’s Twitter account was hacked and sent a fake tweet, causing a swift drop reminiscent of the 2010 flash crash. Overall, Morningstar economists believe that the U.S. economy is neither booming nor busting. Nothing in the numbers would indicate that much has changed when looked at from a year-over-year, averaged basis—the underlying 2% growth rate continues to be largely unchanged…

25 Ways to Cut Expenses

1. Use the public library to check out movies or books for free.

2. Consider dropping your land line phone at home. Your cell phone may be all you need and some come with free long-distance services.

3. Send free e-cards and save on postage.

4. Stop buying clothes that are “dry clean only.” Learn to iron.

5. Don’t renew subscriptions to publications you don’t have time to read…

How Safe Is Your Life Insurance Policy?

So you’ve finally sat down with your financial advisor and answered important questions, such as do you need life insurance, how big of a policy do you need, and what type makes the most sense for you. One thing you don’t want to happen after purchasing your life insurance policy is to find out the company that sold you the policy has run into financial trouble. If your insurer went out of business, not only would you be uninsured, but you would also have to reapply for a new policy at a potentially more expensive rate due to your age and health…

How Can Grandparents Help with College Costs?

If your grandchildren are fortunate enough to have you chip in with their college costs, there are a few things you need to be aware of before you start writing checks.

The most straightforward way for a nonparent to help a student pay for college is with a cash gift. Gift tax rules in 2013 allow any individual to give another individual up to $14,000 per year ($28,000 from a couple) without the gift counting against the lifetime estate tax exemption. A problem with this approach is that your contribution will be taken into consideration when the student applies for need-based financial aid…

Download Full Version here: BCG Securities Newsletter June 2013

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