BCGS Newsletter 3/2013

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February Market Commentary

January saw a mixed bag of economic news for both bulls and bears to feast on—negative GDP report, positive employment adjustments, and a good long-term housing trend overshadowed by inventory shortages of homes, new or used, in the short-term. Morningstar economists believe that the market’s positive reaction to the seemingly bearish but actually bullish GDP report was the correct interpretation. However, bad weather, the bad GDP report, the temporary shortage of home inventories, and the increased payroll tax and tax refund delays will likely weigh on upcoming economic reports…

Monkey Stock Picker

Picking stocks that will outperform the market is complicated and requires both skill and luck. Professionals spend hours building complex models, forecasting and making predictions for their selection. The average individual investor, on the other hand, does not have the luxury of performing such detailed analysis…

Questions to Ask Before Paying Off a Mortgage

The decision to pay off a mortgage or invest in the market is far from black and white. For those who are close to retirement and already have plenty of other liquid financial assets, paying off a mortgage could be a wise use of cash. Such homeowners aren’t likely to be saving a lot because of their mortgage-interest deductions, which tend to be more valuable early in the life of the loan than in the later years, and their investment-asset mixes might be skewing toward low-returning cash and bonds, not stocks. Moreover, many retirees concur that reducing their in-retirement overhead by retiring debt reduces worries and frees up cash for travel and other pursuits…

Download Full Version here: BCG Securities Newsletter March 2013

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