BCGS Newsletter 2/2013

Download Full Version here: BCG Securities Newsletter February 2013

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January Market Commentary

The worst of the fiscal cliff crisis was averted as Congress managed to come to a deal at the eleventh hour. As part of the deal, tax rates will go up for high-income earners, and the payroll tax holiday will expire, affecting income earners across the board. The new tax rates may slow the economy, but also decrease some of the uncertainty. Markets reacted positively, with the S&P 500 jumping more than 4% in the first week of January…

Dividend Income During Downturns

During a recession, the stock market can lose significant value. This could have a large impact on portfolio returns. Predicting the duration and extent of recessionary periods is almost impossible. During such times, income-producing investments such as dividend-paying stocks and REITs may soften losses, particularly when investors incur negative returns. This means that, if and when dividends are paid out, they have the potential to act as a cushion and are positive whether stock returns are positive or negative…

IRA Dos and Don’ts


Think of the IRA as a way to take control of your finances amid an unpredictable market: You know that old saying about having the wisdom to know what you can and can’t control? Well, you can’t control the market’s ups and downs, but you certainly can make sure that your investments are as good as they can be, that your investment costs are low, and that you’re taking advantage of every tax-sheltered opportunity available, such as contributing to an IRA…

Download Full Version here: BCG Securities Newsletter February 2013

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