BCGS Newsletter 08/2012

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Market Commentary

Investors continued to monitor the situation in Europe, as news on Spanish financials moved markets both down (poor Spanish bank audits) and up (support loans for Spanish banks). Up to this point, there is still no long-term remedy for European countries, with the expectation that they will continue to struggle over the next several years under austerity programs, diminished growth prospects, and waning confidence.

Retirees: Non-Traditional Investment Risks

Volatile markets pose several challenges for retirees who rely on receiving a livable income stream from their investments. Interest rates are low and likely to stay low for the foreseeable future, making cash and high-quality bonds a safe parking place for now. Amid such a challenging environment, it’s hard to blame retired investors for looking beyond traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and cash, or the mutual funds and exchange-traded funds that invest in these securities.

Annuities: Beware of Excess Withdrawals

It’s extremely important to understand the impact of withdrawals on a living benefit attached to an annuity contract. The most widely used living benefit today is the lifetime guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit (Lifetime GMWB). These usually allow you to make withdrawals from your account up to an annual limit (usually 4–6% of your investment). If you withdraw more than that percentage, future payments may be reduced. Sometimes, an excess withdrawal triggers a reset of the base on which your guaranteed amount is calculated. These withdrawals can also negatively impact the account value and death benefit.

Download Full Version here: News from BCG Securities August 2012

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