BCGS Newsletter 06/2012

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Market Commentary

April employment numbers were low, but auto sales were near record levels, housing data continued to improve, and retail sales are moving ahead at a slow but steady pace.

GDP: First-quarter real GDP growth slowed down to 2.2% from 3.0% in the fourth quarter last year. The number would have been much higher if government-defense and business-construction spending hadn’t fallen significantly. In perspective, the drop in GDP growth is not such bad news given all the offsetting factors, and Morningstar economists estimate that we seem to be on track for 2.0%–2.5% growth in 2012 and 2013.

Dividends and Total Return

Income is important to consider when choosing an investment. Especially important for investors approaching retirement, income can add meaningfully to one’s total return, which comprises income and price return (capital appreciation). Investors can pursue income returns in many ways including bonds, real estate investment trusts, and stocks.

A World of Opportunity

As trade barriers continue to break down, the world economy has become a small neighborhood. Should investors seek to participate in this wave of globalization, or are they getting all they need here at home?

Download Full Version here: News from BCG Securities June 2012

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