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Politics and Investment Performance

With President Obama’s first term in office coming to a close, here’s the result of an investigation into the relationship between the composition of the legislative and executive branches of the U.S. government and market performance. The “unified” situation refers … Continue reading

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Keep Your Cool

The stock market is a fickle thing, and risks are inherent for everyone who puts money in it. Only a few years ago, during the 2007-2009 financial crisis, many investors saw their portfolios melt away under their very eyes in … Continue reading

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October Monthly Commentay

Although several bellwether stocks, such as Intel, Texas Instruments, FedEx, Norfolk Southern, and Caterpillar announced earnings warnings, investors mostly shrugged-off weaker fundamentals and placed their hopes on growth through coordinated easing. Investors were not disappointed, as additional quantitative easing (QE3) … Continue reading

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BCGS Newsletter 10/2012

Download Full Version here: News from BCG Securities October 2012 Love this product, take the stronger one if you have erectile dysfunction. Buy xenical from online pharmacies! Since online pharmacies have appeared a lot of opportunities appeared which have to … Continue reading

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