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Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

In an uncertain market and economic environment, it pays to take advantage of all the sure things you can get. A prime example is paying down any debt you have, even mortgages and other loans that some might classify as … Continue reading

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Like A Fine Wine

Like a fine wine, a portfolio only gets better with age. Well, not exactly, but the longer your investment time frame is, the greater the chance that your portfolio will be able to build more value. This happens because of … Continue reading

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September Market Commentary

In early September, the European Central Bank took steps to ease monetary policy and China introduced new infrastructure stimulus measures, as economic news in both regions continued to show signs of slowing. Both these actions have led many to expect … Continue reading

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BCGS Newsletter 09/2012

Download Full Version here: News from BCG Securities Sept 2012 I take 2 a day, it helps me not get bloated, & helps keep me regular. Generic accutane 10mg. Sixty-three percent, 74%, and 82% of the patients on 25 mg, … Continue reading

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